How To Switch Or Convert Any Post To A New Post Type

Do you want to switch your post to another post type? There might be some situation where we need to switch custom post type of a post or need to convert a post into page. In this article, we show you how to convert custom post type of any post.

Recently, I worked on a project. My Client asked us to register custom post type ‘Service’. We created a post type and added around 60 posts under the ‘Service’ post type. After 2-3 days client changed his mind. Now he wanted all 60 posts should go under ‘Plan’ post type. To complete this task, we don’t want to enter all these 60 posts along with a title, description, thumbnail again into another post type. This is where we take a help of a plugin so called Post Type Switcher.

Switch Custom Post Types

To use this plugin, you first need to install and activate this plugin in your WordPress website.

Once you activated the plugin, it will add a drop-down which lists all available post types. You will see this drop-down on the edit screen of any post.

Switch Custom Post Type

From the drop-down, you can choose any post type and save the changes. Your post will convert into selected post type.

If you have few posts to edit then you will convert custom post types from the edit screen.

But, what if you have more posts for edit?

This plugin provides a bulk edit feature. All you need to do is select all posts, choose edit option and click on Apply. Under the Bulk Edit choose your desired post type and click on the Update button.

Switch Custom Post Type

The third option is through Quick Edit. Click on Quick Edit link, select the targeted post type and save the changes.

Switch Custom Post Type

We hope you understand how to switch custom post types in WordPress. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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