Get Social Share Buttons For WordPress Using ShareThis Share Buttons Plugin

Sharing our articles on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is an easy way to reach more audience. As a blogger when we share a post on social networking sites, our post can drive more traffic to our website.

For sharing our post on social networks we need to add social share buttons on our website so our readers and we itself can share the articles with others.

There are number of social media plugins(Free or premium) available which add the functionality of social sharing on our website. Monarch is the popular one. This plugin is developed by ElegentThemes and they provide access to all their themes and plugins once we join them.

In this article, we discuss about the free plugin ShareThis Share Buttons. It is a WordPress plugin which allows us to add both inline and sticky social share buttons.

This plugin is providing almost all popular social networks where we can share our content. The selection of social network totally depends on a user. And anytime, the user can add or remove any network from the website.

Below is the screenshot which shows how inline and sticky social share buttons will look using this plugin.

Social Share Buttons

Having said that, let’s walk through step by step guide on adding social share buttons.

Installation And Configuration

To get started, first you need to install and activate the ShareThis Share Buttons plugin.

Once activated, you will see the menu ShareThis on your dashboard. Visit the page and click on the ‘Configure share buttons and create an account’.

Connect ShareThis

It will redirect to the plugin’s official website where we need to choose either GET INLINE BUTTONS and GET STICKY BUTTONS. Choosing any one option is just starting point. After completing the configuration, we get access to both inline and sticky share buttons.

Choose Option

Let’ say we clicked on GET INLINE BUTTONS. On the next page, we can choose as many social networks under Channels. Under Alignment, we choose whether to align buttons left, right, center or justified. We can also choose button size, button labels, etc.

After completing the configuration, click on the button SAVE AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Create Account

On the sign-up page, enter your email address and password and click on the LET’S GO.

Lets Go

We will again redirect to our WordPress dashboard and now able to see options for Inline Share Buttons and Sticky Share Buttons.

Plugin Page

From here we can On/Off inline or sticky share buttons. Additionally, we can select how these social share buttons would appear on the website.

This plugin also provides shortcode and PHP snippet which we can paste where we need to display our social share buttons.

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